We’re delighted to work closely with JATP Jazz, Topic Folk Club and Acoustic North and want to build our musical collaborations with others to make Glyde House one of the best places to perform or enjoy live music in Bradford city centre.

The Function Room of the Library Bar is small but we often host 40 – 70 people in the audience for music, plus we have the bar, snug and the main reception areas. We really do wish we were bigger!

Topic and JATP have committees and established memberships developed over the years who support and pay for tickets (at a slight discount), which when added to the tickets sold to the general public, covers the cost of the artist’s fee. There is no charge for the venue, equipment or general running costs. Instead, we hope to generate our income via food & drink sales. It works.

We would like to receive enquiries from other bands/promoters who would like to work with us on a similar shared risk/reward basis and where both parties have a vested interest to publicise the gigs. It’s your gig with you taking the ticket sales, and we take the food & drink sales.
We will add your gig to our web site and social media and prepare the venue.
You provide the poster, press release and publicise the event to your following. Fair enough?
If you’re struggling to get gigs or your expected fee, it may be because all the risk is on the venue which is not sustainable. Let’s make your gig happen by working together. Please email [email protected] with details.